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Award winning writer Linda Brogan offers face to face script feedback to North West writers

Invest in Your Career Face to Face with Linda Brogan

I'll read your script, short story, ten poems, or simply an idea; digest it; meet you face to face for up to two hours to feedback and discuss how you achieve the next draft.   Bespoke insight from a critic and audience acclaimed, multi-award winning playwright produced at The Royal Exchange, Royal Court and Traverse amongst many.   To keep the majority of my head free for my own work I'm offering only one slot a week.  

Fee: £200    Contact:

'Linda Brogan is a playwright of real significance.   Her plays capture the unspoken complexities of human relationships - the things we say, the things we hide, the secrets that shape us - in a way that few contemporary dramatists manage.  Immensely subtle and beautifully observed, Linda's work gives voice to unforgettable characters and leaves us mysteriously changed.

As a teacher and mentor, Linda listens to other writers with the same sensitivity that she listens to her characters - helping each voice emerge in their own unique way.   I've known a number of emerging writers who have worked with Linda as a dramaturg or tutor, and each has grown hugely from the process, while also really enjoying the respect, support, and passion that Linda brings to her relationships with other artists.'  John McGrath,  Artistic Director of The National Theatre of Wales

 'Linda has a rare gift for seeing beyond the ordinary and into the dark secret heart of a character.   She writes with boldness and raw poetry but is fascinated by the bigger picture of the culture and society and how that imparts on the individual.   This combination of insight and passion is very potent combining a poet's instinct with an astute, analytical mind.   She is totally committed and dedicated to whatever she undertakes. ' Polly Teale,  Artistic Director of Shared Experience

  'The truth is she has a brilliant problem solving mind and an amazing bullshit detector.   If you dare to want to know the truth about what you've written, get Linda in.   My first play Weeding Cane at The Royal Exchange was shaken to its bare bones and built up again by Linda's insightful analysis.'  Sonia Hughes,  Playwright

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